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The RH in Hibernia 1976

The RH in Hibernia 1976


In the early 1870’s, a small community was established by Irish settlers.  They called this settlement, Hibernia.  The River House was the only remaining cottage from the original settlement.  Frica Massee saved the building from being destroyed and moved it in 1976 to its present location on the banks of the beautiful St. John’s River.

It has a varied history.  There was a “maiden” lady who lived in the area around 1900.  She was known as “Miss Brown.”  She loved golf and persuaded the Flemings to let her have the hose as surrounding areas for a golf club.  When Miss Brown left, the Fleming widow used the cottage for her maid’s living quarters.  She was sublimely unaware of the extra business use her enterprising help undertook.  It became the local brothel.

Then, it 1980, Frica Massee’s daughter, Jean and her husband, Bill Patterson opened The River House as a pub to be enjoyed by members and guests.


Memorial Day 2010
Memorial Day Party 2010